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Important Dates
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Date Due
Tax Form
Jan 31 W-2 Send copies to employees
Jan 31 945 Report withholding from non payroll items
Feb. 15 W-4 Employee change of withholding
Feb. 28 1096 & 1099 Send statements and summary to IRS
Feb. 28 W-3 Send W-2 copies to IRS with W-3
Mar 15 1120 or 7004 Corporate income tax or extension.
Mar 15 K-1 Send S-Corp K-1 forms to owners unless an extension is requested
Mar 15
8832 Entity classification election deadline for entity formed in prior year.
Mar 15
Election by corporation shareholders to be taxed as an S corporation for a corporation formed in the prior year.
April 15 1040 or 4868 Individual tax return or extension
April 15 1040 ES First payment of estimated tax
April 15 IRA Last day to make IRA contribution for prior calendar year.
April 15
Make SEP/Keogh contribution if extension not filed and if plan contribution not paid already.
April 15 709 or 4868 Gift tax return or extension
April 15
1065 or 8736
Partnership and Limited Liability Company return and K-1 forms or extension request
April 15 1120-W First corporation estimated tax
April 30 941 First quarter payroll tax return
June 15
1040 or 4868
Due date for U.S. persons living outside the U.S. to file their income tax return
June 15 1040 ES 2nd Estimated tax payment
June 15 8109 2nd corporation estimated tax
June 15
TD F 90-22.1 File report of authority over foreign financial accounts for prior year
July 15
1065 & K-1 or 8800 Extended due date for partnerships and LLCs or file form 8800 for an additional 3 month extension
July 31 941 2nd quarter payroll tax returns
July 31
5500 Return for pension, profits sharing or stock bonus plan for prior year
Aug. 15
1040 or 2688
Extended due date for personal income tax return or extension
Sept 15
1120 &
Final due date of corporation income tax return if extension was requested with form 7004
Sept 15 1040 ES 3rd quarterly estimated tax payment
Sept 15 8109 3rd quarterly corporation payment
Oct 15
Final due date for personal income tax return and final date to make a SEP or Keogh plan contribution if form 2688 was approved
Oct 15
1065 Final due date for partnership or LLC return if an extension was requested on form 8800
Oct 31 941 3rd quarter payroll tax return
Dec 15 8109 4th payment of corporation estimated tax.
Dec 15
Establish plan in current year to permit deduction of payment before filing of personal tax return
Dec 20
Make gifts to qualify for annual gift tax exclusion and ask donee to deposit check to clear in current year
Dec 31
Increase withholding at end of year to  reduce penalties for an underpayment of estimated taxes
Dec. 31
State Est. Tax
Make last (4th) payment of state estimated taxes in order to get a deduction for the current year.
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